Thursday, June 11, 2009

BBA Slow & Steady #2: Artos (Greek Celebration) Roundup

Last week the Slow and Steady subgroup of the he Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge posted the second recipe, the Artos, or Greek Celebration Bread. Author Peter Reinhart gives three different varieties of the same basic bread; each is for a different traditional purpose and each has a different shape and added ingredients.

We'll start first with Kayte of Grandma's Kitchen Table. Kayte never does anything halfway, and she made all three variations of the celebration bread consecutively (complete with optional glaze). In one weekend Kayte's family experienced Christmas (Christopsomos, top picture above), Easter (Lambropsomo, pictured just above) and a good old general celebration (boule, see picture below) Here's her post: BBA Challenge: Artos: Greek Celebration Breads .

* * * * *

The next baker is Cathy of The Tortefeasor. Although her "baby" bread loaf was not totally unplanned, Cathy was surprised at her little one's hefty birth size. Her post:
It's a . . . .

* * * * *

Jessica of Singleton in the Kitchen killed two birds with one stone, baking a cinnamon-roll version of Artos for her sister to enjoy. She used the monkey bread method to quickly shape a fun loaf. Read her post:
BBA: Artos (or) Greek Celebration Bread
* * * * *

Audrey of Food From Books divided her dough and made two smaller loaves. She worked hard on her shaping, and I think it really shows! Here's her post:
Bread Baker's Apprentice #2: The art of Artos My favorite part of her post is the list of things she's learned from baking this recipe.
* * * * *

I tried two of the shapes and learned that shaping bread is an art that will take me a good bit of practice! Especially braids...
Here's my post:
Artos, Greek Celebration Bread {bba}

Our next BBA post will be Bagels! Look for it on our blogs around June 14 or 15!


Natashya said...

Those are some terrific looking breads! Congratulations, everyone.

Sarah said...

Nancy, I'd love to join you all in the slow and steady group - I've made the first two breads already. The anadama is posted on my blog, and I'm posting the christopsomos today... Let me know if you'd like another baker!

Sarah said...

Thanks! I'm not on twitter yet, though I'm considering joining - it does sound fun to bake at the same time while tweeting... See you on Sunday for SMS!

Audrey said...

We are SO talented! Thanks for bringing us together and showing us off!

john said...

You are a master bread maker for sure! Your breads look absolutely fantastic! Way to go!!

natalia said...

Ciao Nancy ! I hadn't realized you were such a nice group ! How 'fast' do you think you will go ? I already made the bagels and I don't know if you have room for another slow baker !! (sadly I don't think in Italy twitter is as expanded ! )