Thursday, February 25, 2010

Perfect-ly Fast Dinner Rolls

It's hard for the the two of us at our house to eat as much bread as I enjoy baking. I give away many sandwich loaves, since I always double the recipe, and there are always multiple loaves of bread in my freezer. I was very excited to get an opportunity to bake bread for the homeless ministry at the church we attend. I baked several batches of two of our favorites: Dan Lepard's Simple Milk Loaf (formed as dinner rolls) and James Beard's Sweet Potato Rolls. On the afternoon that I was to deliver the rolls to church, I decided that I needed to bake additional rolls. I turned to a recipe that I'd seen posted by Holly of the blog Phe/MOM/enon. Holly calls them Perfect Dinner Rolls, and if you are in the market for a soft dinner roll that you can whip together in little time and with a minimum of fuss, this recipe is indeed perfect!

n.o.e.'s notes:
- To find the recipe and Holly's method, click here . I used the measurements from Holly's recipe and my own food processor method.

- In making these rolls, I used just under 18 oz flour, including the last of the free pay-it-forward flour that I received from King Arthur Flour.

- I mixed all of the dry ingredients, including the instant yeast, in the food processor, then added cool water. Since the food processor heats the dough as it mixes, I always use cool liquids when baking bread.

- My dough took a bit longer to rise.

- To match the other kinds of rolls that I'd already baked, I formed the dough into 50 g balls, which yielded 17 rolls.

- I baked the rolls in 2 buttered and floured metal pie tins and brushed them with milk before putting them in the oven.

- My rolls were not as smooth and pretty as Holly's, but they were definitely soft and smelled fabulous as they were baking.

the verdict:

I got to sample an edge of a roll as I packed them up for delivery, and they make a lovely dinner roll: soft and tender, and neutral enough in flavor to accompany any main course. Given how quick and easy these were, that really is perfect!

These rolls are being submitted to Yeastspotting, a wonderful weekly roundup of yeasted baked goods. Hop on over and check out the delicious breads.


natalia said...

How cute !!! they look so great !

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

So nice that you bake bread for the homeless ministry.
I need a recipient... maybe the new neighbour.
The rolls look lovely!

Susan/Wild Yeast said...

Very nice, and I'm sure they were well-appreciated.

Mimi said...

Great looking rolls!

Cathy said...

I made these for Thanksgiving and really loved how quick they were. Almost quicker than running to the stores for rolls! This is a nice one to have in the 'ol arsenal. Yours look great!

Leslie said...

I've seen these a couple of times and they always look good. Perfect for one of those days when I run out of bread and just want a little sandwich.

Kayte said...

Love these rolls...the guys love to have rolls for dinner at night and these were a hit here as well. I think they prefer the DL ones from ML as they have a slightly deeper taste, but both are a hit.