Saturday, June 26, 2010

BBA Slow & Steady: Light Wheat Bread Roundup

The bakers of the slow and steady subgroup of the BBA Challenge pulled out our loaf pans to bake the next bread in Peter Reinhart's book The Bread Baker's Apprentice, the Light Wheat Bread. There are no tricky parts to baking this bread, and in the end the recipe produces a versatile loaf. Although the BBA bakers do not post recipes for the book's bread, Deb at Smitten Kitchen posted this bread last year, including the recipe, which you can find here.

Nicole, of the blog Pinch My Salt, is the founder of the BBA Challenge. Lately she has been baking at the same pace of the slow and steady bakers, so I thought I'd include her in our roundups. That's her bread up at the beginning of this post.

For Nicole, this bread was "easy to make, easy to eat, and not too bad to look at, either. The proud loaf that came out of my oven puts store-bought sandwich bread to shame." Nicole includes lovely step-by-step pictures in her BBA posts, so do yourself a favor and click over to her post: Bread Baker's Apprentice: Light Wheat Bread

As an aside, I'll note that most of us baked this bread months ago (and have, in fact, baked many of the BBA breads following this one) but my blogging efforts are lagging behind the pace of the group's baking.


Leslie of Lethally Delicious tried this bread first with high gluten flour and the bread didn't work for her. She switched to her favorite - bread flour - and the bread turned out beautifully. Its subtle flavor played well with other foods in Leslie's opinion. Here's Leslie's post: BBA - Light Wheat Bread


Natalia of Gatti, Fili e Farina found this bread to be straightforward and a wonderful vehicle for her homemade jams and marmalades. That sounds wonderful, yum! Check out Natalia's post: BBA Slow and Steady: Light Wheat Bread


In the course of all this bread baking, Margaret of Tea and Scones has discovered that she really enjoys whole wheat breads. This recipe was not her favorite, however; she thought it lacked "oomph." It looks beautiful though, doesn't it? Read more about it here: Slow and Steady BBA - Light Wheat Bread and Marbled Rye x


Jessica of The Singleton in the Kitchen cleverly baked this bread as dinner rolls, which are versatile enough in her book to serve as toast, sandwich bread, or, as rolls at dinner (supper? you decide) time. Her post: BBA S&S: Light Wheat Bread


Di of Di's Kitchen Notebook baked her Light Wheat Bread with white whole wheat flour. She found it to be perfect for toast and grilled cheese sandwiches. See more at this post: mmm, toasty


Kayte of Grandma's Kitchen Table and her family enjoyed this easy and delicious bread, saying, "the bread was wonderful, soft and lovely for sandwiches and just crackly nice for toast." Here's Kayte's bread: BBA: Light Wheat Bread x


And here's where I have a confession to make, one that should get me bounced out as a food blogger. Although I baked this bread, and we enjoyed every last crumb, when I went to write a blog post about the bread I realized that I had no photographs of it. Rather than re-bake the bread just to take pictures (which I actually contemplated doing), I decided to skip the post and report here in the roundup that this was a lovely bread. I used regular whole wheat flour and added a bit of oat flour to the dough as well. According to my notes, here's the verdict: This was lovely loaf of bread. Made delicious toast.


natalia said...

Great round up as always Nancy. I bet you will be more than forgiven ! Thank you

TeaLady said...

How can we possible dump the 'leader' of our bread baking group.

Thanks for taking the time ( in London) to round this up for us.

Nicole said...

Great roundup, Nancy! Especially love seeing Jessica's dinner rolls!

Audrey said...

Sorry, no bouncing. That would be tragic for the rest of us!

Kayte said...

Oh, good try, but you are going to have to do a lot more than this to be bounced from the group...what would we be without you??? Your are our corner loaf corner stone! All the breads look great, but today I am drooling over Jessica's rolls...oh, Jessica, you make it impossible NOT to go back in and make those! Thanks again, Nancy, for a wonderful round-up!

Leslie said...

Nonsense. We've all written plenty of photo-less posts. The roundup is great (no surprise there).

Welcome, Nicole! We're thrilled to have you join our {slow} group!