Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BBA Slow & Steady #12: English Muffins roundup

Finally liberating ourselves from the "C" section of Peter Reinhart's book The Bread Baker's Apprentice, The Slow & Steady subgroup of the BBA Challenge baked English Muffins. I'm going to have to say that for me, the most amazing part of this bread-baking odyssey is that my oven has produced breads that look and taste as good (often better!) than those purchased at a bakery. Bagels, Ciabatta, Raisin Bread, and now: English Muffins! The Slow & Steady bakers really hit the ball out of the park with this recipe. Read on!


Leslie of Lethally Delicious had a lot of fun making the BBA English Muffins on a (borrowed, or was that stolen?) griddle, and loved the soft texture and "heady yeasty flavor" as well. Next time she plans to use whole wheat flour and let the dough rest in the fridge to develop the flavor. Way to plan ahead, Leslie! Here's Leslie's post: BBA - English Muffins


Breakfast is a favorite meal at the home of Margaret of Tea and Scones, and English muffins are the favorite bread of the favorite meal! Margaret is very excited to add English muffins to the list of breads that she bakes herself and no longer buys at the store. I can understand why - just look at that yummy muffin and strawberry jam! Here's her post: Slow and Steady BBA - English Muffins + More


Despite a bumpy start the first time she tried baking this recipe, the second time was a charm for Sarah of Blue Ridge Baker. She used half whole wheat flour and salted butter in place of the oil and loved the way the earthy, salty flavors combined with the caramelization of the crust. Brilliant job, Sarah! Read more at: BBA Challenge: Whole Wheat English Muffins


Jessica of The Singleton in the Kitchen would much rather have a biscuit than an English muffin for breakfast, so even though she liked the BBA English Muffins she is not likely to bake them frequently, but she might try this recipe in loaf form next time. Her post: BBA S&S: Globe Trotting Breads


Initially Karen of the blog Shortbread didn't think it was possible to make cornbread crusted English Muffins at home but she found the process "much easier than I had expected and with terrific results." The beautiful nooks and crannies and delicious taste won over her previously non-English-muffin-loving husband, too! Here's her post, called Don't Go Down the Drain English Muffins


Back when she was 21 years old, Natalia of Gatti, Fili e Farina left her native Italy for a year in the U.S. Two American foods that she really enjoyed are bagels and English muffins, and Natalia is thrilled that she can now bake both! She loved tasting them herself and sharing this taste of America with her children too. Check out her post: BBA Slow and Steady: English Muffins


Never one to leave a variation untouched, Kayte of Grandma's Kitchen Table baked this bread in both suggested forms: as muffins and as loaf bread. Her family enjoyed both, especially toasted, and Kayte has added to her list of "never buy at the store again" breads! You can find many more pictures if you click over to her post: BBA Challenge: English Muffins and English Muffin Bread


At Kayte's insistence, I baked both muffins and loaf bread from this recipe.  I added a little bit of whole wheat flour and used honey as the sweetener. I also used high gluten flour to encourage a sturdy and chewy crumb. Nonetheless the bread ended up pretty soft, but delicious anyway!  Here's my post: Honey Oat English Muffins and English Muffin Bread {bba}

The next roundup in the BBA Challenge, Slow & Steady style, will be Focaccia.  Look for it soon!


Sarah said...

Everyone did such a beautiful job on the English muffins! This is reminding me of how delicious they were - I'm going to have to make them again soon! Great roundup Nancy!

TeaLady said...

Thanks for the great roundup. You do us all proud.

Anonymous said...

another great round-up! It's making me want to make them again. Especially since it only makes 6!

Kayte said...

I just love seeing them all together like this, like a little family of English Muffins all gathered for a holiday. Everyone did a great job, which leads me to believe, this is one GREAT recipe and hard to mess it up. Another reason for never buying them at the supermarket again. So easy, so fun, and so tasty! I better make some tomorrow again.

Leslie said...

What an impressive array of English muffins! I'm so inspired by what everyone else did to make these again with some of what I learned from reading the round up. Thanks for being such a great leader!

Jessica said...

I really didn't rock on my BBA English muffins, but reading about all of the other lovely muffins makes me want to try them again someday. Each and every version of these looks just wonderful. I also really want to make the loaf -- I was annoyed that I didn't try it the first time. Thanks for the wonderful roundup!

natalia said...

Ciao Nancy ! You are really making wonders with the round ups ! Seeing them now makes me wanting to make more ! (but how much bread can we eat ?) Thank you very much !

Di said...

Wow, everyone's English muffins look great. Mine, unfortunately, did not. =) I don't like English muffins all that much, so that's okay.